Grenade launcher “Fort-600”


Grenade launcher “Fort-600” is designed for shooting by ball grenades (high-explosive, concussion, hollow charge and others) with the aim of defeat the live targets and fire objects at a distance from 50 to 400 m and for shooting by non-lethal ammunition. The butt-stock of this model is equipped with a rubberized butt plate, which greatly absorbs the recoil energy of the weapon.  

Technical characteristics  «Fort-600»
Caliber, mm  40
Working ammunition  Low speed grenades of caliber 40ő46 mm (HE M6P, TPT M6P, HEDP M7) and other grenades of cal. 40x46 mm NATO
Trigger mechanism  Double action only (DAO)
Dimensions with extended butt-stock, mm                                                580ő196ő54
Dimensions with folded butt-stock, mm  365x196x87
Barrel length, mm   280
Maximum firing range, m 400
Minimum firing range, m  50
Trigger pull force, kgf  not more 5
Weight without grenade, kg   2,2
Type of butt-stock Plastic side-folding 
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State-Owned Science-Industrial Association "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine