Metallic handcuffs «BR-M-92»


Metallic handcuffs are intended for limiting of the physical ability of lawbreaker and made from high quality steel. While pushing on turning clamp-locking device is immediately worked out. Handcuffs don't violate circulation of blood and don't permit skin injuring.

Maintenance temperature diapason from -45 till +40 °C.

There are two keys and maintenance manual in the set.

Technical characteristics BR-M-92
Dimensions, not more, mm 245 õ 110 õ 10
Weight, not more, kg 0,35
Break effort, not less, kg/s 150
Number of snaps into action, not less, times 5000
Joint design  with the chain 
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State-Owned Science-Industrial Association "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine