Pistol “Fort-12RM”


«Fort-12RM» – traumatic pistol of 9 mm P.A. (.45 Rubber) caliber with non lethal action uses ammunition with elastic bullet. 

The main features of «Fort-12RM»: 

- fullmetal frame and slide;

- available in two calibers.  

Modification «Fort-12RM» has improved ergonomics and changed slide form. 

Technical characteristics «Fort-12RM»
Caliber 9 mm P.A. / .45 Rubber
Operation mode Blowback operated
Trigger mechanism Single and double action
Overall length, mm 180
Height, mm 130
Width, mm 32
Weight with empty magazine, not exceeding, kg 0,83
Accuracy range, m  5-7
Magazine capacity, rds 16 (9 mm P.A.)
8 (.45 Rubber)



+38 (0432) 466-446
+38 (0432) 467-326
State-Owned Science-Industrial Association "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine